Graphene: The Game Changer

PROTECTION FROM WATERSPOTS: Nano Graphene reduces stubborn water stains. Stubborn sediment will be less likely to bind and damage the surface.

PROTECTION AGAINST CORROSION: rGO - reduced graphene oxides have strong anti-corrosion properties.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Compatibility of rGO and polymer matrices allows us to offer you a revolutionary product based on PDMS supplemented with rGO, with amazing resistance to aggressive chemicals.

FLEXIBLE AFTER CURING: Nano Graphene Coat used as a protective surface coating is characterized by increased tensile strength, durability and flexibility.

SUPER HYDROPHOBIC: Thanks to the low surface friction and the large contact angle of 110-120 ° water drops, the graphene coating is resistant to minor scratches and holograms, and at the same time the sensational hydrophobic effect improves the self-cleaning properties.

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