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Formulated with natural ingredients to safely clean and purify all surfaces. Possesses high pH 12 road film removing properties but does not discolour, stain or damage surfaces including Artdeshine paint protection coatings.

Breaks down and softens contaminants like bird droppings, tree sap, bug splatter and road grime. An essential product for vehicle owners and automotive car care professionals alike.

Alkclean can be used as a first line treatment against light water spotting/staining over paintwork or a ceramic/graphene coating. The higher pH rating of this shampoo will aid in removing these stains as long as they are relatively superficial. Deeper stains will require harder products or mechanical treatments such as polishing/compounding.

Dilution Method

Suitable for all surfaces:
1:50 Dilution for bucket-wash method
1:10 dilution for interior cleaning
1:20 dilution for all purpose cleaner

Direct dispense on brushes/wash mitt/sponges for leather or wheel cleaning.