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Artdeshine Bio Nano

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Discover the ultimate gloss enhancement with Artdeshine’s Bio Nano, our founder’s pick for favourite sealant in our range. Designed to deliver unmatched gloss and hydrophobic properties, Bio Nano elevates your vehicle’s shine to extraordinary levels.

While Bio Nano boasts exceptional gloss, it does compromise on durability compared to its big brother, Graphene Seal. It’s essential to weigh your goals and determine the perfect balance between shine and protection for your vehicle. A great choice if you’re regularly washing your vehicle.

Easy to apply after cleaning, Bio Nano leaves surfaces silky smooth and creates a reflective, water-repellent finish. Safe for use on all surfaces, whether dry or damp, this sealant is the perfect choice to supplement and maintain Artdeshine coatings.

Experience the difference with Artdeshine and redefine your expectations for vehicle shine and protection.

Key Features

  • 2 months durability
  • Slick Surface
  • Hydrophobic
  • Fuss free application
  • Reflective shine
  • Gloss enhancing
  • Increases matte shine
  • Smooth and Sleek


You will get 6-8 applications for a medium sized sedan with a 250ml bottle.