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Artdeshine Interior Coating (30ml)

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Interior Coating (30ml)


Introducing Artdeshine’s Interior Coat, a staple within our Essential Coating range. Specifically formulated for high traffic areas prone to abrasive contact, such as seats, door cards, steering wheels, and armrests, this versatile coating maintains your car’s interior in showroom condition. Designed to complement the natural OEM finish of all interior surfaces, it is an essential item in your maintenance and upkeep schedule.

Formerly known as Leather and Plastic Coating, our improved Interior Coat now offers enhanced chemical resistance and better bonding. Made with soft, flexible polymers, it ensures a matte and supple finish without hardening or creating an unsightly glossy appearance. Protect your interior from UV rays and stains that can cause premature discoloration or aging with Artdeshine’s Interior Coat.

Key Features

• Water Repellence Contact Angle: 100° - 110°

• Chemical Resistance : <pH12 , >pH 5

• 1 Year Bonding Durability
• Repels Liquids
• UV Resistant
• Corrosion Resistant
• Chemical Resistant
• Anti-Fouling
• Low Surface Friction
• Easy Cleaning

• Fuss-Free Application
• Less Staining
• Non-Corrosive Ingredients
• Safe On All Materials
• Does Not Discolour

Product Finish

• Sleek & Smooth

• Enhances Matte Shine

• Darkens Matte Surfaces

• No Hard/Dry Leather

• No Glossy Leather

• No Streaking/Smearing